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One of the most challenging aspects of land development is knowing where to start and what step to take next.  There is no textbook, manual, policy or procedure for land development.  To make matters more complicated, land development today is highly regulated and regulations are changing on a frequent basis within the Province of Saskatchewan.  That experience and leadership is the key to what New Horizon Group of Companies can offer to our client.  Whether you are an individual, corporation or municipal entity that wants to develop, we can show you the way.

Through our years of experience in various sizes of developments and our experience in “building the end product,” we can offer you that expert direction and support.  We employ a ten step system that includes:

1) Feasibility and site analysis
2) Market Analysis
3) Concept plan generation
4) Bylaw and zoning management
5) Engineering and consultant acquisition
6) Financing consultation and staging
7) Plan approval process
8) Tendering support
9) Construction and warranty services
10) Asset management and marketing services

Something that people don’t immediately realize is that land development is a partnership.  The public sector is a partner in every deal.  It is critical that each and every member of the development team realizes that federal, provincial and local government all have a say in the process.  It is also critical that all partners are in support of the potential development.  Without that support, your proposed development stands little chance of success.

At New Horizon Group of Companies, we establish our team early.  It is important to have input from all stakeholders so we can create the vision of the development and ensure that all parties are in support of that idea and working towards an end goal where all parties benefit from the project.

Engineering is an essential portion of land development.  However, engineering is ineffective if it does not have the right project management and direction.  That’s where we come in.  We have the experience to give direction and we manage the details of creating the vision or idea.  Our partnered engineering firms value the working relationship with us because we can give them immediate answers to routine questions and the direction for development with minimum changes.  Requirements for approval of subdivisions may require over a dozen consultants work.  NHGC can recommend, tender and manage those required professionals and manage the project successfully.

Expertise, Leadership, Partnership and Teamwork are the four core attributes to successful, efficient and profitable developments.  Our expertise allow us to read the details and make adjustments that can save large amounts of dollars in the construction phase of the project.  Our leadership allows us to give recommendations based on past experiences and market conditions.  Our team approach allows the partner group to make decisions as a group, which leads to confidence and good decision making, weighing all priorities of a development.