About Us

New Horizon Group of Companies is all about providing affordable leasing space to our local surrounding businesses and continue to develop new structures for new commercial opportunities. Our establishment currently runs 2 building developments. One in Pilot Butte, and the other is 4 minutes from the city limits on Highway #46. New Horizon also owns 3 retail businesses; A & D Freshmarket and Happy Hour Cold Beer Wine & Spirits in Pilot Butte and Vatic Cannabis in Emerald Park. Our goal is to serve the local communities around the city and always making sure that you are satisfied and happy with your new unit. 

Whether you need a space to store your trucks, campers, or maybe your business needs a work shop, New Horizon has you covered! Our company is on track to complete our third building this year and we couldn’t be more excited. Stay tuned, success is only a few short minutes away!